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Wherein our hero finds the city. Or it finds him.

[is sprawled out on one of the pews in the church, turning his head to one side and groaning before blinking his eyes open and slowly trying to sit up, one hand pressed to his head] I've really gotta stop entering buildings through the roof . . .

[blinks again and frowns, studying the church interior] Hang on a sec. This isn't Aeris' church . . . [carefully stands up and looks around, hands on his hips and starting to look warier by the second]

Where am I?

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[Aerith just dropped her flowerbasket. It feels like her heart just stopped. She knew, logically, that this could possibly happen. She knew that. But seeing it in person... She's afraid to speak for a moment. Doesn't want to know what his reaction will be. Not after the last time...but...she can't help it.]


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[After that hair-raising encounter with the tattooed girl, Cloud had taken to wandering the second level to clear his mind and hopefully come up with another plan.

He didn't expect to run across a very, very familiar face. It was too much to hope that it was the one from his own world, but...]


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((this is a placeholder, I will try to do this))

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[Despite being tired as hell and in pain, you get a grinning Turk lookin' at you.]

[And I apologize that I will not be able to tag back until Monday/Tuesday. D|]

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[Garnet needs to venture out more, so have a shy Garnet.]

You are in...Template as I've heard it called.

Are you all right?

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A double? Are you just as annoyingly happy and go lucky?

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[Aaand from somewhere hidden, there is a loud CRACK, followed by the giant apparation of a heart right in front of you.]