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Wherein our hero finds the city. Or it finds him.

[is sprawled out on one of the pews in the church, turning his head to one side and groaning before blinking his eyes open and slowly trying to sit up, one hand pressed to his head] I've really gotta stop entering buildings through the roof . . .

[blinks again and frowns, studying the church interior] Hang on a sec. This isn't Aeris' church . . . [carefully stands up and looks around, hands on his hips and starting to look warier by the second]

Where am I?

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Oh! [She covers her mouth with her hand.] Midgar must be the Template in your world.

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[Nodding, she looks up at him] Midar was, yes.

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Ah, that's not exactly why people can't get out. There's some sort of barrier around the city that drops people back within its limits if they get too close to the edge. No one's sure why.

Take my hand, I want to show you a shortcut.

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I think so. Okay, hold on-- [And she warps, setting them down lightly on the sidewalk in front of her new home.] --and we're here! You can get a proper map at city hall if you need one. Also, Nanaki's here, I don't think he's your Nanaki, but...

He's not from my world. In his world, something happened while he was in the lab with me. I mean, his Aerith. Somehow Hojo used the power of the Cetra to change Nanaki, he's not used to his new body yet, and he's a bit shy around people he doesn't know. He's also still getting used to human behaviour and manners, so if he's doing something a little strange, it's because he doesn't know any better. He gets a little embarrassed about it when he gets mixed up.

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[Aerith looks at the ground, the information she'd gleaned from Nanaki had nearly made her cry when she'd first heard it, and even now it was still an open wound. Her grip on his hand tightens, and she can't look at him.]

I...I don't know what he did. Nanaki said he was drugged, the other Aerith probably was too so that neither of them could fight back. They wouldn't breed with each other like Hojo had wanted, so he fixed it so that they would be more compatible. Somehow he found a way to use Aerith's powers, and when Nanaki woke up, he was almost completely human. His body couldn't handle that sort of dramatic change, he was dying when I found him in the church, his internal organs were failing from the stress. He was so scared, Zack. So scared... [She wipes her eyes, trying to calm down. Nanaki was fine now, while he was here there was nothing Hojo could do to hurt him. her voice is quieter when she speaks again.]

Thankfully I managed to stabilize him with my magic, I've been taking care of him while he's adjusting. Please try not to sound angry when you're around him, he might think you're angry at him.

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[Aerith welcomes the hug, although the flower basket makes it awkward for her to return it. But her hug is just as fierce as his.]

I might not be the only one.

[She's quiet for a long time, her thoughts muddled and confusing, but a little flutter of fear worked through them.]

Zack, what if he does show up here? I don't...I don't want to have to see him ever again. I'm terrified of the labs, of what he was planning on doing with me. Or of what the other Hojo almost did to the other Aeriths. There's a younger Aerith here, she...she never escaped from the labs. I don't want anyone to have to suffer anymore, I don't.

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[She doesn't know what to say, but his touch is soothing and it helps her focus on the now and not the what ifs. Her eyes fall shut and she breathes deeply, she would worry about it if it happened. Fussing about it now would only lead to unnecessary anxiety.]

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[She blinks up at him at the kiss, he made her feel so confused inside, she wasn't sure what to do.]

Please be careful, Zack. I don't want any of you hurt. Not anymore.

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[Oh Zack, you're making her laugh. You're such a goofball. The laughter is an easy way to mask the slight color on her cheeks, though.]

I'm sure you can, Zack.

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Okay. [She hugs him, resting her head against his shoulder.]

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[A small sigh escapes her at the way he touches her hair, and she looks up at him] They call it the second level, apparently it's something computer-based, and allows you to transport yourself anywhere in the city if you know where you're going. I'm not sure how it works exactly, you might want to find someone who's better with computers to explain it...

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[She looks so confused now] Um, I'm not sure. I just focus on doing it, and it happens...