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Zack Fair ([personal profile] proudsoldier) wrote2008-08-08 12:56 pm

In which Zack laments a failure.

[Locked from the Joker & associated allies]

Klavier, Selphie, going to have to put off that trip to HQ. Looks like we don't have the time.

Anybody got any leads on where the Joker himself is gonna be?

((Set after the most recent video posting. Zack mostly kept to himself after the building explosions caused by the last 'invitation', as he feels partly responsible. Though he did manage to save a respectable number of people from the rubble, he tends to think about the ones that he didn't.))


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There are possibilities being mulled right now.

Given what he did of the twins, he's probably near the residential areas. Then there was his mention of food....

Re: [Filter]

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It is precisely what he wishes. It is what makes him what he is. is what makes The element of chaos. Just like those Sailor Moon fought...

It may also be his greatest weakness.


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The Joker, hm? So that's what that murderer's called.

Not a damn clue.

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[Rude stumbles upon Zack almost by accident but is happy to see a familiar face, Rude is holding the invitation he just received after the Joker's latest announcement]

Ah! Zack... mind filling me in?

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Goodness only knows, I sure can't find a way to track him down, and these invitations aren't a help at all.


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I understand.

And... no clue.

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Remember Zack, you can't go all-out, or it'll set off the traps. Please be careful. I don't want to lose you again.